cool of the day was reviewed by Celtic music reviewer Steve Winick of Dirty Linen magazine in an article, "Self- Produced English and Celtic Music."  It appeared in the April/May issue in 1999.

If after listening to Kirkpatrick, you want something more focused on songs, try Jill Anderson's CD Cool of the Day [Red Chair]. Anderson, an actress and singer from Omaha, Nebraska, has a clear soprano voice, one a little less bloodless than that of your average mystical "Celtic" crooner these days; it has a certain shrill edge that's very appealing. She uses it to sing some classic songs and ballads from the Irish and Scottish folk tradition, including "Red is the Rose," "The Leaving of Liverpool" and "The Lea Boy's Lassie." As you can tell, the songs are pretty much standards, but Anderson's voice and the simple, supportive and mostly acoustic arrangements make it a cut (or three) above your average Irish bar band's versions. I've actually kept listening to this one for weeks, finding it consistently fresh and listenable, which is unusual for a disc of Celtic standards. A word about the notes: Anderson is quick to apply the sobriquet "traditional" to songs from the revival. Andy M. Stewart's "The Fisherman's Song" and Ewan MacColl's "The Shoals of Herring," both intense and moving pieces of writing, are both listed here as traditional. I hope that (1) Anderson records more albums as good as this one; and (2) she's a little more careful with the notes next time.


"...Anderson's fluid, full-bodied vocals take center stage... in this beautiful, soothing collection."

--Jim Minge, Omaha World-Herald

"...Raises the hair on the back of my neck every time!"

--Max Sparber, The Reader