How to order "7 SONGS" 
 or "cool of the day" 
or "Celtic Cabaret"
directly from Red Chair Records
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Fill in the form below, computing your total for CDs and shipping and handling costs.  Then print this page and send it with your payment to the following address:                                   
Jill Anderson
                                        Red Chair Records                                
                                1714 So. 32nd Avenue
                                Omaha, NE  68105 

When order and payment are received, your order will be on its way within a few days.   Please make checks or money orders payable to Jill Anderson.   If you want to use credit card payment, please click here to go back to the links on the previous page.              

If you want us to ship a gift directly to the recipient, gift wrap is available for $1.50 extra per package.   Please indicate the message to go on the gift tag in the space at the bottom of the page or on the back.   You may also send your own signed gift tags to be included in the package. 

City/ State/ Zip:

If you wish to have receipt of your order and/or payment acknowledged, please provide your e-mail address or a phone number:

            CD:              Quantity:     Unit Price:               CD Total Cost:
7 Songs                       x   $10.00  =   
 cool of the day        x   $15.00  =   
Celtic Cabaret           x   $15.00  =   
            Shipping&Handling =      
                                                    Total  Due:  
Shipping and handling:
If Subtotal Is:      Add S&H::
$10 - $45                 $3.50
$50 - $90                 $5.50        
$100 - $140             $6.50           

For larger orders, please contact us via e-mail at and give us your phone number so we can work with you personally.