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“Jill Anderson plays Sara Carter with a naturalness that is beautiful to watch.”
                                    --Bristol Herald Courier

Jill with Eugene Wolf as A.P. Carter

"The Carters’ music is haunting, real, and familiar.   Tunes such as “Wildwood Flower,”
“Will the Circle Be Unbroken,” “I’m Thinking of My Blue Eyes,” and the title song, tell
stories of the mountains, family, love, and heartache.  Eugene Wolf plays (perhaps
“channels” is the better word) Alvin Pleasant Carter to perfection, and our eyes and ears
are riveted by everything he does on stage.  From A.P.’s constant nervous movement,
to his passion for Sara, the hills, and tradition, Wolf shows Carter to be a flawed but
ultimately very likeable man.  Wolf’s plaintive singing of Carter’s songs is marvelous
(Wolf also arranged the vocals for the production).  Jill Anderson likewise does justice
to Sara’s sharp vocals, while also convincingly giving the woman a voice for her
complaints about the burdens of raising a family with little money and living your
husband’s dream rather than your own.”
                                               -- The Washington County News, Shari Stacy