At Omaha's Blue Barn Theatre
614 South 11th Street, OmahawpeE.jpg (14049 bytes)
in the Old Market
July 14 - August 5, 2001


Written by Charles Busch, it's one of off-Broadway's  longest-running plays....BUT 
WAS OMAHA READY???   Apparently it was...the theatre  had to turn people away most weekends!     Click for show POSTER!

Omaha World-Herald  review                                 

Daily Nonpareil review                                                                                  More photos

Frequently Asked Questions during the run, and some surprising answers.

In addition to a leading role, Jill costumed this tacky romp.   Blue Barn Artistic Director Kevin Lawler directed a top-flight cast which included the twisted talents of Jill's Bad Rep Productions partner, Tim Siragusa, doing what he does best, in high heels.   (Click on his picture above right  for a larger view.)  

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Frequently Asked Questions                                                                                                                                                             about the Blue Barn's production of 

  1. Is VLOS family entertainment I should bring the kids to?

A.  This would depend upon your family, the ages of your children, and your general attitudes and beliefs.  For example, if you believe that vampires exist, and that homosexuality is somehow linked to the occult, and that it is possible for a vampire lesbian to survive from early Biblical times up to the present,  and if it is important to you that your children grow up with these same silly notions,  and if they do not mind a lot of blood and drag queen jokes..... it would STILL not be a good idea to bring them and you know it!  (Unless they're over 30.)

  1. Will there be explicit sex scenes and full frontal nudity?  

    A. Shame on you.  This is Art, not porn.  There are deep meanings and touching sentiments.   G-strings, cleavage, yes, but presented with sophistication, elan, and gusto!

Q. Will Tim Siragusa wear those 7 inch platform shoes that were so to-die-for  in “Psychobilly Jamboree”? 

A.  What are you, a shoe pervert?  Of course he won't.  Vampire lesbians wear pointy toed black Birkenstocks.  He will be wearing a stunning cape, however, and feathers and OHHH the jewelry…..all very tasteful and understated, of course.  (If you weren't so hung up on shoes you might appreciate the incredible pageantry of the costuming.) 

Q. Isn’t the Blue Barn taking a big chance with a play that the Omaha World-Herald probably won’t even print the name of? 

A.  Au contraire.  Look in the Sunday Omaha World-Herald for July 8 and you will find a photo and an interview with Tim Siragusa  in the Entertainment Magazine.   On July 14 they gave it a great review!  (Of course, they still can't bring themselves to print the name of Bad Rep's "How Ghetto Claus Funked Christmas."  They say "phunked."  What the heck is that?)

Q.  With so many real vampires and real lesbians out of work, why were these plum roles given to Jill Anderson and Tim Siragusa, neither of whom is either?   Isn't that like all those white guys playing both the cowboys AND the Indians?

A.   Mainly it was because they begged and threw tantrums until Kevin gave in.    And also they could use their regular wardrobes and save costume money.

Q.  Does the play make fun of any minorities, animals, women, men, or inanimate objects at any time?

A.  Rest assured that the play makes fun of ALL of the above and is 100% politically incorrect.   P.S. If you’re a "scampering, twittering show-tune-humming fairy," (as described so touchingly in Siragusa's script for Go-Go Boys from Planet X,)  don’t you dare stay away.

Sorry you missed Vampire Lesbians of Sodom! 



Little Nelly's Naughty Noel: 
A Steamy Sodhouse Spectacular
At the Blue Barn Theatre in Omaha, December 2002   
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"A Blue Barn perversion of all you hold dear,
At that holliest, jolliest time of the year!
In a phrase let's just say, 'Willa Cather on crack,'
Or 'The Gift of the Magi' laid out on a rack!
With a mad gang of varmints both bawdy and bold,
Take a wild, woolly romp through Nebraskee of old!"


Backstage Photos

Cast List  

Patrons of the Blue Barn Theatre in Omaha received an offbeat holiday treat in 2002 written by  Tim Siragusa with music and song parodies by Jill Anderson.   The play took a crack at everything from Little House on the Prairie to Ol' Yeller" to Riverdance to Miss Saigon, The Nutcracker, Christmas Carol, and The Mikado  - a veritable grab bag of mockery!

                                    Poster by Martin Magnuson.



Here are photos...click to enlarge and use your web browser's BACK button to return to this page.

wpe1.jpg (22832 bytes)The Stromberg's virtuous daughter, Chastity (Jill Anderson) returns from school with a gift she made for Ma...a sampler.  Click to enlarge and read its wholesome message:  "Home is wer we cum fer (love)."

wpe5.jpg (28399 bytes)Here, the Stromberg family...adopted bastard son Experience, Pa, Ma, Chastity and Little Nelly with her pet locust, Ol' Greeny...stare with indignation as neighbor Duke Thompson tears up the sod  in his SUC (Sport Utility Conestoga). 


wpe12.jpg (15061 bytes)In the '80s-power-ballad-inspired "Heat Inside My Heart," Experience pleads with his sweetheart, Daisy, to withstand the blizzard's onslaught:
"Oh this cursed night!  I'll change it, I will yet!
Put a glowing orb in this sky as black as jet!
And the hours of joy we’ve had will all be brought up in a flame
                         And our passion now will melt this storm as in bliss I cry your name
                          Even though I can’t feel my extremities I do not care
                          For the heat inside my heart burns with a brilliant fiery glare
                          I’ll stay with you I SWEEEAAAAARRRRRR!"

Alas.  Experience expires in carnal embrace with his barnyard love.

wpe7.jpg (19020 bytes)The story takes us to Wei Hung Lo's Poppy Palace, a den of vice, where Pa desperately seeks the Chinaman's healing elixir for Little Nelly's whooping cough.  He is swept up in the exotic floor show entitled "The Happy Fam'ry Golden Tinkle Sleighride Show."  In the photo you see Jill and her fellow chorines parodying "Three Little Maids from School" from The Mikado with their rendition of "Three Little Dope Fiend Hos Are We."

wpeB.jpg (13223 bytes)In the Miss Saigon parody, the world-weary prostitute mourns what might have been with her song, "The Vision In My Head":
"I'll load the bong, I'll dance the dance; I'll pull the men out of their pants.
But all the while it won't be me; I'll make believe I'm someone else tonight and see
The vision in my head...a job in real estate instead.
Vacations at Niagara Falls, and no more tricks with ping pong balls. 
A place to work where no one likes offensive Asian stereotypes...
Oh, the vision still remains, the vision in my brain........"

wpeE.jpg (19093 bytes)In the cataclysmic climax, the Stromberg family is brought together in a raging blizzard by the magic of the Ice Fairies. 


 TwpeB.jpg (27761 bytes)he whirling chaos coalesces into a stirring parody of Riverdance (with random smatterings of  Martha Graham thrown in for optimal drama).


wpeD.jpg (17656 bytes)"And so it came to pass that the sun rose and it was Christmas morning..."  The Stromberg family is reunited for a heartwarming  Christmas celebration that includes peace pipes, dismembered villains in a wicker basket, a book of dirty words in the many languages of the world, and a visit from the ghost of their dear departed adopted bastard son.

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Go Backstage at Little Nellie.....

wpe13.jpg (19584 bytes)The smell of the greasepaint...
Hughston and Jill applying the maquillage.

wpe1.jpg (26382 bytes)"Damn, that wig cap's tight!"
Jill has a headache.

 wpe17.jpg (26937 bytes)

What price beauty...
Tim morphs into the stalwart pioneer matriarch, Ma.


Cast List:

Hughston Walkinshaw - Little Nelly Stromberg, Opium den denizen
Tim Siragusa - Gundred Stromberg, Wei Hung Lo, Schoolmaster Snollygoster
Jerry Longe - Bergstrom Stromberg, The Reverend, Eldon
Jill Anderson - Chastity Stromberg, Poppy Palace Chorine
Kevin Bensley - Experience Stromberg, Ice Fairy, Pepper, Street Vendor, Opium den denizen
Joe Krick - Daisy, Little Basket, Trade, Ice Fairy, Opium den denizen
Stacy Lamb - Clitus Bedlam, Ice Fairy, Poppy Palace Chorine, Church Lady
Teri Fender -  Trixie Friganza (Poppy Palace Chorine), Ice Fairy, Church Lady
Matt Thompson - Lance, Ol' Greeny, Ice Fairy, Opium den denizen

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