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Reel stuff.....Jill's in the movies!
Jill was one of a few local actors cast in Alexander Payne's new film, About Schmidt, with Jack Nicholson, Kathy Bates, Dermot Mulroney and Hope Davis.  It was shot in Omaha in Spring of 2001 and opened in December 2002.  It immediately generated Golden Globe awards and Oscar buzz.    Jill plays a bridesmaid, Here's what she had to report about the filming experience.  This was written shortly after the filming took place, almost a year prior to the release.

Jill here with the promised report on filming About Schmidt. I'm pictured above in the dressing room all dolled up in my bridesmaid suit with about six hours of waiting to shoot my brief scene ahead of me!  Well, I had an interesting  time.  I got my own trailer and all the craft service food I could eat.  Other than the waiting around ("Hurry up and wait")  I enjoyed the experience.  I got to see the big stars in action and even managed to get my CD into the hands of Dermot and Hope (Shameless! Utterly shameless!)  I can say with confidence that this movie will be GREAT!  I personally think that it will be a strong Academy Award contender.  The story is wonderfully  poignant and funny, so well written, and how can you go wrong with Jack and Kathy in the leads -- not to mention the classy, intelligent direction of brilliant Alexander Payne.  It's a winner.  Don't miss it.  Oh yes....the frosting on the cake...at the end of May I was surprised to receive a sporty spring jacket and umbrella, gifts  Jack Nicholson sent out to all the cast and crew!  What a guy!

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