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The Evolution of an Idea:  Pirelli recognizes the fugitive Todd from the old days and attempts to bribe him.  Sweeney, to remain incognito,
 must kill him.  The pressing issue of disposal of the body stumps Todd and Lovett until an unlikely solution occurs to Mrs. Lovett.

Lovett:  With the price of meat what it is, when  you get it, if you get it.....

Todd:  Hunh.

Lovett :  Good, ya got it!

And thus begins the odyssey of Todd and Lovett's grisly partnership in business and revenge.  They launch into a blackly hilarious riff on every type of human pie they can imagine and thusly, close out the First Act with Sondheim's gleefully macabre masterpiece, "A Little Priest."






Have charity toward the world, my pet

Yes, yes, I know, my love

We'll take the customers that we can get

High born and low, my love

We'll not discriminate great from small

No, we'll serve anyone...

meaning anyone.....

and to ANYONE.............. AT ALL!!!!!!!

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