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In, "God That's Good," Mrs. Lovett with the help of Pirelli's orphaned assistant, Toby, barely manages the surge in business since the innovation of using Todd's customers as fresh meat supplies.  The crowd chants for service as Toby and Lovett scamper to and fro.  At the end of a hard but successful day, Mrs. Lovett fantasizes about her dream life with Todd "By The Sea":

A seaside weddin' could be devised, me rumpled bedding, legitimized

Me eyelids'll flutter, I'll turn into butter the moment I mutter "I do!"


The idyllic dream begins to unravel when Lovett's simple adopted urchin, Toby, guesses that there is foul play afoot.  During his plaintive and beautiful ballad, "Nothing's Gonna Harm You," he tells Lovett that he will protect her from Sweeney who he suspects is "luring" her into his "evil deeds all unbeknownst like."  Lovett, whose loyalty lies with Sweeney realizes that she must sacrifice the lamb to protect Todd and herself from the noose.

After locking Toby in the cellar bakehouse, Lovett runs to fetch Todd and encounters the Beadle who has come on complaints about the stink from the bakehouse chimney.  Lovett convinces him to have a pomade and facial rub before his inspection and the Beadle is dispatched.

Todd:  "I am, sir, entirely at your disposal."

In the briskly sequenced and spectacular end of the play, Todd finally exacts his revenge on the evil  Judge Turpin but not without a terrible price.  A "meddling beggar woman" wanders into his barber shop and Todd, in anticipation of the Judge's arrival kills and disposes of her.  Little does he know that she is his dear, long lost wife.  Below, the death toll approaches its apex as the body of Todd's beloved Lucy lies on the cellar floor.


When Todd discovers his horrific mistake, he realizes that Lovett has known the true identity of the beggar woman all along.  In a sly manipulation he maneuvers her near the bake oven and flings her into it, locking the door behind her.  As in all Victorian melodramas, the villain must be vanquished so Todd is himself, added to the pile and the only remaining survivors are the now mad Toby, who has been in hiding in the bowels of the cellar and the young innocents, Anthony and Johanna,  who have stumbled upon the scene and stand in horror at the carnage.



Okay, so it ain't "Oklahoma," but it IS a roller coaster ride of suspense , romance, wickedly dark comedy and some of the most complex, elegant and magical music in all of music theatre.  Hope you've enjoyed your little trip through the gallery and always remember...

"No one can help, nothing can hide you, isn't that Sweeney there beside you?"


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